12 Unique Handmade Gifts for Gardeners

gifts for gardeners

If you love gardening or know someone that then you will know that its much than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle! And what perfect gift to give a gardener than one that actually benefit them on a daily basis. I have compiled a list of the best handmade gardening gift ideas that can also be […]

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5 Easy Flowers To Grow In The Vegetable Garden

flowers in vegetable garden

There is more to starting a garden than just putting seeds in your soil. You actually have to maintain that garden in order to have a successful harvest. And that’s just what flowers in your vegetable garden will help with! Here are some things that are important to your plant health that flowers help with: […]

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6 Simple Raised Bed Mistakes That Gardeners Make

gardening with raised bed

What makes a garden bed so special? There are many reasons why you must consider this type of gardening instead of traditional gardening. A raised garden bed makes your garden more visually appealing and you’re able grow more in less space. WHAT IS A GARDEN BED? Normally, a garden bed is a construction that sits […]

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Air Purifying Plant: Top 13 Houseplants To Clean Indoor Air

Air purifying houseplants/ indoor plants

Air purifying plants are known to help clean the atmosphere around you. Living in energy-efficient homes can have many health side effects especially since there is a lack of airflow or ventilation. Some of the side effects of lack of airflow include respiratory and sinus congestion, and headaches along with other related allergies symptoms. We […]

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