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When you need just one item and you can’t bother to go to Walmart to buy it so you just head to a dollar store.

My mom goes to the dollar about 2 times a week just to pick up a few items that we need during the week.

There are so many items that you can get at a lower price from the dollar store that you never thought of.

If you’re trying to save money then a little bargain on a few items will go a long way.

So if you’re a dollar store fan then these tricks can help you save money.

12 Things To Buy Only at The Dollar Store

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This ranges from toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss to even shampoo. All of these items I buy at the dollar store for over a year now. Matter of fact, my mom just bought a dental floss from there since we happen to run out.

The only form of toiletry that I wouldn’t recommend buying at the dollar store would be tissue or hand towels. You could buy that in bulk somewhere else and save.

So the next time, you’re running out of toothpaste just head over to your nearest dollar store to pick up one at a reasonable price. For a pack of toothbrushes, I get it for about $1.

Party Supplies

Why spend a ton of money on something that you might use for just one day? You can get many party supplies at the dollar store for cheap and the party decor supplies can be reused again.

From party hats, balloons, cups, napkins, to plates. You can find it all there! Right now, I still have some red plastic cups from my sister’s party in my cupboard from last year.

When you’re buying a lot of stuff for a party, it would be best to save as much as you when you can.

Candy and Sweets

Whether you’re feeling for a pack of snickers or a pack of halls for a sore throat then getting these at the dollar store will be much cheaper.

If you’re having a birthday party then you can pick up some candy with your party supplies.

Hair Accessories

For all my girls who always losing their scrunchies or just in need of some new hair accessories then picking them up at the dollar store will allow you to get it for much cheaper.

You can find hair combs, pins, bows, and even bands. If you’re a hairdresser then getting hair accessories at the dollar store can help you save more money.

DIY and Craft Supplies

If you do a lot of craft activities then picking up some supplies at the dollar store can help you save money pretty easy.

Some of my favorites would have to be beads, glitters, foam paint brushes, and twine. These are perfect especially if you’re looking for items for a DIY gift.


You can find some sturdy and cheap toys that you could buy for your kids or as a gift. Last year, my mom bought a big doll as a part of her birthday gift. It’s been over 1 year and it’s still going strong.

So if you want to surprise your kid even on a small budget then picking up a small toy from the dollar store would be just perfect.

This is definitely a win-win!

School Supplies

Yes, from notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, pencil cases to even highlighters. You can find it all at the dollar store for a reasonable price.

If you have more than one child going to school then purchasing this is a good way to reduce back to school costs.

Futhermore, you can find all school materials at the dollar store.

Holiday Decorations

You can find some cheap home décor items for Christmas, Halloween, Easter to even Valentine’s Day for cheap.

So instead of running to the store to pick up expensive items for a holiday that’s only once a year, at least visit the nearest dollar store to find wreaths, porch décor to even table décor for cheaper.

Gardening Supplies

Do you love gardening? If yes, then you can find some everyday gardening tools at the dollar store for a reasonable price.

I am talking about spray bottles, gardening gloves, baskets, gardening pots, and planters along with other tools.

Buying your everyday gardening tool at the dollar store will help you save more money and of course maintain your garden.


Not every food you find at the dollar store is the same in terms of prices but when it comes to snacks you can save money.

Some of my favorite snacks I buy at the dollar store include tortilla chips, peanuts, and even popcorn.

Tupperware/ Storage containers

Meal prepping is very popular in the weight loss community and it’s a great way to save on groceries. Because of this, there is a constant need for storage containers.

You can find some awesome storage containers at the dollar store that are sturdy and cost less than the norm.

If you bring your lunch to work or school then these dollar stores would be perfect for you.


Are you moving into your first home and need knives, forks, plates, or even cups for your kitchen.

You can get them cheap at the dollar store and many times they are of great quality.

One of the best ways to save money when moving into a new home is to buy second-hand stuff or get things for cheap.


If you’re always looking for ways to save more then starting at the dollar store is a great way to getting started.

Not everything is cheaper at the dollar store so you need to know what to buy there to help you save.