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There are some things in life that you can stay without or alternate. In this case, it’s all about saving money in the long run. Did you know that many of the things you paid for, you can do it yourself for less?

If you’re wondering what else you can take off your budget to help you cut cost then go through this list and see if there’s anything you want to toss out.

Many times we overlook the small things in our budget but when it adds up – it cost you way more than you thought.

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1. Household Cleaner

In the household cleaning aisle, you can find various kinds of cleaning agents. But the prices can be quite overwhelming.

Instead of spending a large sum of money getting cleaning products, you may have a few ingredients in your home to create your own solutions.

Here are a few items that can be found in your home that is versatile and can be used for cleaning:

  • Baking soda – freshen, deodorize and cleanse every area of your home.
  • Distilled white vinegar – a great disinfecting agent that’s non-toxic, tough on stains, and inexpensive.
  • Hydrogen peroxide – can disinfect most areas in your home, on its own.
  • Liquid dish soap – a multipurpose cleaning solution.
  • Lemon – all-purpose kitchen cleaner that acts as a natural bleach.
  • Essential oil (optional) – Try tea tree oil, peppermint oil, or lemon oil as they are a natural and safe way to clean your home.

And along with these, you’ll need two cleaning supplies that I believe you may already have: microfiber cloth for dusting and wiping and a spray bottle to put your cleaning mixture in.

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2. Seasonal Decors

Do you love seasonal decors? If yes, then you may end up spending money every year to decorate your home for the holidays.

Instead of buying new seasonal décor every year, why not use the ones that you already have or bought the previous year.

You’ll see the amount of money you can save by minimizing yearly spending in this area.

If you feel like you want new seasonal décors then try making it yourself. Just use what you have around the home or pick up a few materials at the dollar tree to make your own decor.

3. Paper Towels

My mom bought a paper towel recently and in two days it’s almost done. So instead of running to the dollar store to buy another one, why not get something that can be used more than once.

This in the long run will cut back on cost and help you save a few bucks here and there.

A better alternative would be this eco-friendly and reusable cleaning cloth that can be used for cleaning countertops, spills, and messes. Very cost-effective and versatile!

4. Sandwich Bags

I have an obsession with zip loc bags. From marinating meat to storing food items. But, the sad truth is that they don’t serve very long so I’ll have to toss them away.

Instead of using these plastic sandwich bags, replace it with reusable ones that are more environmentally friendly.

Now, imagine having a sandwich bag that he could reuse for an entire year. If you use zip loc bags a lot, then this is a big game-changer for you.

5. Makeup Remover

If you wear makeup a lot then you know that a makeup remover is definitely a must-have. Especially if you’re into skincare.

But you can actually use something else that is more cost-effective. A common alternative to makeup remover is coconut oil. In addition, coconut oil is a great skin cleanser.

Start by massaging the coconut oil onto your face, then use a cotton pad to wipe off the makeup.

6. Bottle water

To save money on drinking water, try installing a home filter system. It can be a little expensive at first but you’ll be surprised by the amount of money you’ll save over time compared to buying bottled water.

Check out this post to have an idea of how much money you can save water filter.

7. Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener

Over time, dryer sheets and fabric softener can cost a lot of money. So replacing it with reusable dryer balls can save you a lot of money in the long run.

In addition, there are a lot of benefits to using dryer balls instead as they absorb moisture or dry much faster than sheets. This means that your laundry will be done quickly which then leads to you saving on your electricity bills.

And it’s a great eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners as it eliminates static build-up in your dryer, wrinkle, and makes your clothes soft.


There are many ways to reduce your monthly expense from budgeting, cutting down on groceries to removing unnecessary things from your budget in this case.

Furthermore the alternative to the items being discussed are not only cheaper but versatile and durable.

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