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Saving money sounds like a big task, right?

The reality is that many people want to save money but are on a low income, don’t know how to or just upright hate to save.

I am a big fan of saving money. I am the type of girl who would put money away in jars, cabinets, and old purses and totally forget about it.

Four months later….

I am cleaning and find these gems around my home. Oh, happy day!

But I understand that everyone is not like me and that’s why I am writing this post to help some of my friends (you) out!

These are some quick ways to save money that you can implement in your life today!

I don’t recommend doing all at once because you can get burn out and don’t really accomplish anything.

Choose a few saving money hacks that you’ll stick to over the course of 3 months and you’ll definitely see results.

6 Fun Ways To Save Money Without Knowing:

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Yes, this is gold! Do you shop online often? If that is a yes then adding a certain chrome extension to your browser can help you save.

You may be wondering how in heaven this extension works, but don’t worry. Here are some of the best that will save you hundreds of dollars online:


This is one of my favorite chrome extensions for saving money and it’s one of the most popular extensions also.

If you hate to search for coupon codes because it’s time-consuming, then honey is for you.

Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.

You don’t have to worry about missing out on deals. This chrome extension will do it all for you.

Amazon Assistant for Chrome

If you’re an Amazon fan then this option is perfect for you. I trust amazon with my money than many online marketplaces.

The Amazon Assistant For Chrome helps you find the deals of the day.


We are great at motivating ourselves and setting goals. But what we fail to do is carry out those goals.

It’s like people who said at the beginning of January that they’ll tackle their debt or start saving and then after two months that goal is stagnant.

You have to put something in place; where you have less control and forget completely about that money.

How does automating your account works?

It takes money out of your account every week/month for a specific goal until you reach that goal.

So basically you’ll set up multiple savings account and renamed them to whatever you want and money will automatically get pulled from your direct deposit.

Some online apps that allow you to do this include: Qapital, Digit, or Simple Bank. I also recommend that you check your local bank to see if they have this feature also.

So if you want to save for a trip, a house or a car then start saving with the automation method today.


This is one of the most popular ways you can trick yourself into saving money. You can try the $1 daily challenge where put that money in a jar. You can increase that amount if you wish to $5.

Or when you get change from buying something, you can put that in a jar.

The goal is to make it fun!

You can find a lot of saving money chart on Pinterest that will help you save at least a $1000 at the end of the year super easy.

You can even try one with your partner if you’re saving towards something.


I have an entire post on zero budgeting which I think is super helpful if you’re trying to save.

You don’t need to try to save with this method because you are FORCE to.

It also helps you live within your means which means less credit! Basically you are creating a budget where your Income – Expenses = $0.

Nothing leftover and no credit to think about.

You basically tell where every dime goes and that includes savings, emergency funds, and bills.

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Be Prepared

This is a way that you can prevent impulse spending. Being prepared is really important. I am going to say something that may go against what I say most times.

Okay… Here goes…

To prevent overdraft on your credit card because you see a deal everywhere you go; get a blank paper and write 3 things that you’ll use your credit card to buy this month and nothing else.

You must promise yourself that you won’t buy those things again for the next 3 months.

Yes, I just tell you to use your credit card but that’s if you need to.

If you’re that girl who swipes your card for every makeup you see or shoes then I’m sorry for you.

If you use your credit card to pay for services such as phone bills then you need to find a way to earn extra money which will be talked about later on.

If that isn’t enough to help you then try taping a picture or a word on the front of the card so every time you take it out to use you’ll remember what you’re goals are and why you shouldn’t use it.

So, for instance, it could be a picture of Dubai or a house or you write it out.

Some people actually freeze their cards (I have never done this) so when something pops up that they want to buy they’ll have to wait until the card is thawed out.

Most of the time that urge to purchase something with your credit card will leave while waiting.

If you choose to freeze your credit card, please be aware that you can’t microwave it because you’ll damage it.


Rakuten is another way you can save money online. You can find discounts or cash back from thousands of stores when you shop through Rakuten.

You can use a Rakuten browser extension to make shopping easier.

It’s best to write down what you need then check if there’s any cashback deal so that you don’t get distracted by the tons of deals and end up overspending.

And guess what, it’s completely FREE!

Extra Income With Swagbucks

There’s a might possibility you have heard about this especially if you’re searching for ways to make more money online.

Swagbucks allows you to earn cash or gift cards from earning points when you take surveys, watch videos, play games, etc.

Another survey site that you can check out is Survey Junkie.


Saving money for a lot of people can be challenging. So in this, you learn some of the best ways to trick yourself into saving.

This includes automating everything, money-saving chrome extensions, zero budgeting, use cashback offers, being prepared and saving challenges.

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