There are tons of benefit for doing a sugar detox. About 4 years ago I went on a sugar-free diet which has impacted my life ever since. The reason why I went sugar-free is that my father living with me at the time had so much health issues. He had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and at the time some problems with his heart. One night he became so unconscious that we had to rushed him to the hospital and that night I knew my life was about to change.

In short, he was sent home with tons of medications to take and was informed that he needs to change his diet and start eating healthier.

Everyone in my home went sugar-free as a way to motivate him and also to mainly save while shopping. To be honest it was hard for me and I felt like I couldn’t make it.

A life lesson to learned is to never wait until you have a lot of health issues to start changing your diet. I don’t mean you should quit eating out but at least reduced it to once every month instead of twice every week. You start to make small steps until you reach your desired health goals.

Up to this day, I don’t find it difficult anymore to go sugar-free.

I know going on a sugar detox may be really difficult. Here are the dangers of having too much sugar in your diet:

    1.  Gain weight

      We can’t hide from the fact that sugar helps to make food tastes better. In recent times, you can find sugar in most food products. High sugar intake affects our blood sugar quickly. Please note that sugar is apart of carbohydrates. Sugar contains a lot of calories, therefore, it can lead to weight gain. To be on the safe side, when you’re purchasing food look on the label to see how much sugar is in it. Lastly, buy foods that are more natural or unprocessed.

    2. Makes you hungry

      Sugar/Carbs is easily digested which means you’ll be hungry really quickly. This will lead you to eat more food to satisfy your hunger pangs. By this rate, you’ll gain weight easily without even knowing.

    3. Increase the risk of diabetes & diseases

      Many of the diseases that people have; has been developed through their bad eating habits. For sure, many weren’t born with diabetes. Sadly, eating too much sugar has been the downfall for many people today. Too much sugar in your diet can interfere with your organs. For instance, the kidney can be damaged if your sugar level is high then the kidney will not be able to filter waste from your body effectively. This, in the long run, will be painful.

These are the main reasons why you should do a sugar detox. There are more reasons, you can check it out over here. But maybe you’re not the one that is moved by fear but the benefits of doing something.

My mom is a lover of ice-cream and I would be like, “You’re gonna put on more weight if you eat so much” and believe me she careless. But if I say, “We need to change our diet and eat less ice-cream and sweets so that we can lose weight and be more energized”.  Now that has her nodding her head. But really I am saying the same thing but one is merely negative while the other is positive.

If you’re driven by benefits then here are some awesome benefits of doing a sugar detox. In the next series, I’ll let you know how to actually do a sugar fast or sugar detox.

  1. Clear Skin

    Excess sugar in your diet can cause wrinkles, dehydrated skin, acne and cause your face to age. So after you go on a sugar detox you’ll notice that your skin will be looking much younger and healthier.

  2. Lose Weight Quickly

    Reducing your sugar intake is one way you can get rid of unnecessary weight. So if you want to lose weight this year then come on the boat and do a sugar detox.

  3. Reduce Craving

    Do you have a problem with your sweet tooth? Or do you find yourself being hungry after you have eaten just 30 minutes ago? Then doing a sugar detox will help to reduce craving and allow you to be filled for a longer time.

  4. Sustaining Energy

    Feeling strained and tired even after a good nap sleep. Then you may need to try a sugar detox.

  5. Mindful Eating

    Since you’re on this sugar detox journey, you’ll be more conscious of what you eat. You are going to eat more natural whole food which will be beneficial for your health.


I hope this post is helpful and if you are interested in a low carb diet then you can check the Keto Diet for Beginners and these Low Carb Recipes.

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