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We are always searching for ways to save more money or make money. Right?

With these few personal finance hacks, you can save a ton of money that you wish you knew sooner.

Most people think that the only way to be financially free is to make more money but if you don’t know how to manage that money then it’s not worth it.

You’ll always be broke or in debt, if you don’t know how to make your money work for you.

Saving money is universal; everyone wants to save whether you’re rich or poor (whatever that means to you).

Challenges arise and at times we can’t get another job to fix things quickly or you’ve done all you can but still in debt!

But guess what, let’s fight 4 prosperity.

Here are some of my favorite personal finance hacks that you need to try and ensure to pin it for later:

1. Get Stuff From Thrift Stores and Pawn Shops

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Guys, I just got a laptop (working on it right now) at a pawn shop for $99.00! And it’s in good condition. I mean, I am pretty surprised!

Many people don’t understand how much money they can save at these discount stores and from my experience it’s worth it.

Thrift stores aren’t all about second-hand clothes but also about furniture and appliances.

If you’re buying a home and decorating on a low budget then check out thrift stores near you for furniture such as sofa, table, sewing machine, washing machine, and dryer, etc.

You can add your own touch to this stuff by spraying it over etc.

This will help you decorate a beautiful home on a budget until you have extra cash to get new things for your home.

So before you make a big purchase, go check out these places to save money.

And remember when you go out, always check for quality.

2. Use Cash Back Credit Cards

If you’ve already stopped using your credit card then skip this.

But if you’re using your credit presently and would love to get some rewards then getting a cashback credit card would be beneficial.

I mean, there isn’t any wrong with getting a few changes back from your daily spending.

Basically a reward card pays you back a certain amount of what you spend. Pretty awesome, right?

Usually, you’ll earn 1% to 2% on all purchases. There is a ton of different cashback credit cards that are on the market so you’ll have to decide which one fits your desire.

Check out the different types of cashback credit cards because this is a topic on its own.

3. Order Online and Do Grocery Pickup

This has become one of my favorite of all time especially if you’re busy and have kids.

Ordering online will prevent you from overspending and staying on budget with no stress.

Many times we go into the supermarket for one thing and come out with 20 other things because we are distracted by deals.

Before you begin, you need to meal prep and write down all the ingredients you need that you don’t have the refrigerator and then go on Walmart online or wherever you shop to make purchases. Then pick up after you’ve finished shopping.

No temptation!

4. Buy-Out Off-season Clothes

You know what is awesome like Black Friday deal is buying clothes that are out of season. What do I mean?

When you buy clothes in-season you’re paying the highest price for it when you could get it for way less.

All you need to do is buy clothes at the end of the current season for the next year and if you’re buying for kids then you need to buy it one size bigger.

So by February, you’ll find winter clothing for cheap and in September you’ll find some awesome summer clothing.

You’ll spend with joy knowing that you’re getting the best for your money.

This may be difficult for people who love to wear their clothes instantly but over time you’ll get used to it and you’ll be prepared for the next season.

5. Buy Generic Food or Store Brand

We tend to purchase brand name products over generic food. Why? Maybe, its because we think that it’s poor in quality and taste horrible with other preconceived ideas.

I don’t know!

It all depends on your preference but it ain’t that bad. Sometimes you won’t even know that you’re eating the store brand instead of brand name food.

When in fact we could save a few bucks here and there! The best way to cut your grocery bills is to buy store brand food instead and sometimes you’ll find some organic ones too. For example, Kroger, Great Value and Aldi.

Note: Most times you’ll only find coupons for brand name food so if it’s cheaper then go for it.

It all about saving so we can have more of the things that we desire or want.

6. Reuse Stuff

There are so many things that we can reuse over and over instead of tossing them away.

For instance, plastic bags can be used as trash bags, pet waste, donate them to thrift stores or reuse them around your home.

If you’re interested in cutting back on the plastic then try these reusable eco-friendly grocery bags.

In addition, you can reuse containers and jars which is great for desk organization and much other stuff.

7. Automate Your Finances

Your days of stressing are over with this method. Not only is it easy to do but it helps you not be late on your payments.

Think about it, have you ever sign up for a free trial and completely forget to cancel it? Sometimes we forget or upright lazy!

A perfect example of automating your finances is like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and gym membership. You set it and forget it.

The benefits of automating your finances are that it will prevent or reduce the temptation to overspend, help you to not get incurring late fees and credit penalties because you forget to pay your bills and to save for the future.

In order to pay off your debt, you need to be PERSISTENT! And this method will help you to do just that!

So put your savings, bills, and investment on autopilot as this will make your life less hectic.

8. Use the Snowball Method to Pay Off Debt

The quickest way to pay off debt is to use the Snowball method which is recommended by Dave Ramsey.

Basically the snowball technique is to start paying off your debt with the smallest amount and then move to the larger ones regardless of the interest.

Find out how to set a budget and how to use the snowball method to get out of debt.

9. Try Minimalism

This is living with less and getting rid of excess stuff as a way to find some sort of freedom.

Many people have different views of minimalism that can be very extreme and at times forfeit the purpose of even starting! You shouldn’t be living in misery…

In this case, you’ll be limiting your financial expenses which are unnecessary or leads you into debt.

Getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need can eliminate clutter and help you focus on your financial priorities.

When you know what is important you’ll know where and what to spend your money on.

11. Use Cashback Apps

Get money back every time you buy groceries with Ibotta or Rakuten.

Rakuten will give you cashback in the form of real cash when shopping online. You also get a $10 bonus from signing up.

It’s totally free!

Ibotta is a great way to earn cash back from grocery stores. You can also earn in-store by uploading your receipt to the app. Pretty awesome, right?


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