Taking Control Of Your Finances

Learn the best tips and tricks to live happily on less. Read on to find money savings hacks and how to start gardening even on a low budget.

23 DIY Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas when everyone is shopping for the perfect gift for their loved ones. What makes a gift thoughtful? Is it how expensive it is? I don’t think so. I believe that a gift can be thoughtful and at same time budget-friendly. These DIY Mason Jar Ideas is creative, thoughtful and won’t leave you […]

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11 Delicious Keto Cookies to Make This Christmas!

What is Christmas dessert without cookies? It’s that time of the year where we show friends and family our baking skills. And guess what even those on the keto diet can enjoy.  You can make delicious cookies and at the same time healthy. You’ll not even notice it’s low carb! Some main ingredients you may […]

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8 Delicious Keto Soup That Will Help You Burn Fat

We are soon approaching the winter season where flu and cold are prominent. The benefit of healthy soup is to really boost your immune system and help you control weight gain. Even though soup is known to be healthy there are many that have a lot of carbs in it such as the well-known potato. […]

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13 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Makes Your Table Superb

The greatest part of Thanksgiving decor is the centerpiece. The centerpiece is the queen of attraction on Thanksgiving dinner. In this short post, I’ll share 15 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces Ideas that you can try. 1.Pumpkin Floral Arrangement DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Via: Wine and Glue {Click here for tutorial} 2. Bleached Tablescape Centerpiece Via: Aesthetic Nest […]

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28 Chic Thanksgiving Decor Ideas For Everywhere In Your Home

Thanksgiving is almost here guys [Screaming]! In this post, I’ll share some amazing DIY and handmade Thanksgiving decorations that will make this season memorable. CENTERPIECE Faux Pumpkin Trimmed with Living Succulents Via : SucculentArtworks Are you a lover of succulents? Make a bold statement with this stunning centerpiece that contains live succulents. And guess what, […]

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78 Low Carb (Keto) Crockpot Recipes

Do you always have the time to cook every day? Someday we are tired and there are some days we are extremely busy. So what do we do? If you’re on a low carb or a keto diet, you know you can’t just order a pizza. Well, I have a solution and it’s a Crockpot. […]

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65 Cheap Stocking Stuffers Ideas Under $10 For Everyone

There’s nothing better than putting your hand into a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning and pulling out little surprises that capture just how well Santa knows what you need. If you’re the Santa of the house this year, show a bit of extra love in the details with these stocking stuffer ideas that won’t strain […]

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