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I remember growing up seeing my mom sewing curtains, pillowcases, my school uniforms, and just about anything. 

At that moment, she had no idea that her favorite hobby could be a way to earn some extra cash. 

Do you have a skill or hobby that you want to monetize?

Are you searching for ways to earn an extra income?

In this post, I’ll talk about the best craft ideas that you can sell and even turn it into fulltime business.

The great thing about this side hustle idea is that it can be done in the comfort of your home in your own timing.

I tried to list the easiest art and craft ideas that even a newbie could try – once you follow all the instructions. 

Where To Sell Your Crafts?

The most important question of all, where do you find buyers or what platforms will you sell your product(s) on.

The craft market has grown over the past years with more people admiring handmade crafts. According to this research, the craft industry in the USA is estimated at $36 Billion. 

This shows that there is potential in this industry. So, why not get on board? 

Based on the research, the top 5 crafts that the most money is spent are:

  • Edible crafts
  • Painting craft
  • Kids craft
  • Sewing and fabric
  • Papers and craft

As much as this sounds convincing, there is one thing to consider. 

This small business depends mostly on supply and demand. 

With that being said, here are the platforms (online) that you can sell your crafts:

Start A Blog

Most people who make and sell their own craft tend to have a blog. Why? A blog is a great way to diversify your income and make products easily accessible to website visitors. 

The first thing you’re going to need is a self-hosted blog that costs a little bit upfront. 

The reason why I didn’t recommend a free blog is that it lacks the necessary features to run a full business.  

Once you purchase your website, you can add a shopping cart on your blog with the help of a plugin called Woocommerce easily. 

If you wish to turn your blog into a business then some ways to diversify your income would be with the use of ads and affiliate marketing.

I mean in this case, it’s a win- win. Right?


Etsy is an online marketplace or an eCommerce website that allows individuals to showcase their creativity to potential buyers. 

This allows for sellers and customers to interact with each other.

Some categories that you can find on Etsy include jewelry, bags, craft supplies, home décor, and art. This is a great place to get started.

Shopify Store

This is definitely one of the most popular ways to set up an online store.  

The cool thing about this is if you already have a self hosted website you can integrate shopify with it. And if not, no need to worry! 

Shopify makes setting up a store to sell all your crafts easy.

10 Money-Making Arts and Crafts to Sell

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are one of the best ways to keep our home smelling great in a few minutes. 

You can even try seasonal ones like pumpkin spice to give your home a holiday feeling. Candle making is easy to start, profitable and the start-up cost is low. 

Here are some diy candles you can try out yourself:

Cinnamon + Clove Fall Candles 

Homemade Apple Spice Candle

DIY Pretty Chai Candles in Canning Jars

DIY Eucalyptus Essential Oil Candle Recipe

DIY Lavender Candle

2. Jewelry Making and Beading

This is a very lucrative business but the resources to get started can be costly. Making jewelry can be fun and you can do it in your spare time. 

If you decide to invest in this business, ensure to price your jewelry wisely.

Some items that you can make in this category are necklace and bracelet. 

3. Decorative Pillows

With just a touch of decorative pillows, you brighten any dull room. To begin with this side hustle, you don’t need to have any advanced sewing skills.

Check out these tutorials for inspiration:

DIY Pom Pom Pillow

How To Sew a Round Pillow

4. Gem Soap

Soap making is so popular that you can find thousands of different tutorials on the web.

Even if you’ve never done this, you can start making soap today. Once you get started, you can try different styles and scents of soap. 

5. Nursery Decoration and Baby Clothing

This could be wall art, canvas, to even blankets. Nursery decorations are very popular as people are excited to have a new addition to the family. 

This is a great way to showcase your creativity especially if you love home decor. 

Another subcategory in the baby niche would be baby clothing, hair bows, hair bands to even toys.

Head over Etsy for some inspiration!

6. Self Care Items

There are so many options in the self-care category. From bath bombs, sugar scrubs, to even lip balms, etc. 

All of that would make great gift kits for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Birthdays.

Here are some amazing ideas:

Natural Headache Remedy Bath Bombs

DIY Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs with swirls

DIY Foaming Bath Bombs with Shea Butter – Aromatherapy Bath Bombs for Sleep & Relaxation

DIY Cupcake Bath Bomb

DIY Peppermint Lip Balm Recipe

7. Wedding Signs

This is another craft idea to help showcase your creativity. You can create customizable and personalized wedding signs. Whether it’s a welcome sign, or centerpieces.

8. Rugs and Doormat

Who doesn’t love a customizable doormat that fits their personality? These are perfect gifts for someone moving in their first home. 

8. Handmade Bags

Did you know that you can make your own handbags? There are many tutorials on the web that teach you to do this easily. You can then decide if you want to make your bags from crotchet, leather, denim, fabric, or boho.

9. Decorative Mugs

I love to have a hot cup of tea in a really cute mug to get my day started especially the ones with scriptures. 

You can find a lot of creative mug ideas on Pinterest. This is definitely a fun craft idea that is very simple.

10. Plush Toys / Stuffies

As old as I am, I still love a cute plushie. These are adorable toys that are perfect to put in your kids’ bedroom. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make 30 different stuffed animals 

Okay, so you have all of these ideas but how do you get customers or where do you find them. 

It’s one thing to have an idea and it’s another to promote that idea to others.

Of Course you can go to craft shows to showcase your creativity but in this post, I’ll focus more on how to do it online, and building a brand online.

How to Promote Your Craft Business Online?


This is the easiest way to advertise your business and get customers at the same time.

If you plan on starting a blog or just a Shopify store, Pinterest is the way to go. 

Another great benefit of using Pinterest to promote your craft business is that the DIY and craft niche is super popular on there.

Writing blog posts and promoting them on Pinterest is another way to attract readers and gain trust.

Then you can decide to start an email list to share tips and recommend your products to potential buyers.

To get them on your email list, you can offer a freebie as an incentive. 

The best and only course I recommend presently to help with Pinterest Marketing is Pinterest Strategies

Other Social Media Platform

You can advertise your business using Instagram and Facebook.

Ensure to create a Facebook page for your craft business and do fun giveaways to get the attention of visitors.

 Crafts to make and sell for extra income