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Do you want to know the best hacks to save while making more money?

Every day we are confronted with a hard question on how can we make more money to pay our bills.

If you have a lot of debt and looking for a way to save more money easily then this post is right up your alley.

Spending your money wisely and living below your means is the best way not to incur unnecessary debt.

8 Frugal Living Hacks To Save Money

Hack 1: Think and Act Like a Millionaire 

You may think I made a mistake in the statement above but really, I didn’t. If you thought that was a mistake then you need to evaluate who you think a millionaire is.

Is it a person who buys a new car every year or a person who lives a lavish lifestyle daily?

Most millionaires are entrepreneurs and they’re very knowledgeable about saving, investing, and spending wisely. As a matter of fact, those are the mindset that helps them to have financial freedom.

If you have a million dollars to spend, what would you do with it?  The answer to this question is very important. Based on your answer, you’ll know the type of mindset you have towards money.

From today, stop trying to live beyond your means and learn to save, and spend wisely. You’ll see results very quickly if you implement this rule.

Here are two of my favorite books to help you think and act like a millionaire. Read it once, twice, and thrice until it becomes apart of you.

» Rich Dad Poor Dad
» Think And Grow Rich

Hack 2: Track Your Spending Weekly Or Biweekly

Make it your top priority to track your expenses often to see where your money is going.

Stop ignoring your credit card statements as if it doesn’t exist. I know that the sight of it can be discouraging, but we all need to start somewhere.

The benefit of tracking your expenses (spending) is that you’ll see exactly where your money goes and what adjustments need to be made to reduce your debt and save.

Tip: If you are married then it will be good to involve your spouse because both of you will have similar long-term goals. 

Two Head Is Better Than One

A Proverb

How to track your spending?

You can track your expenses in two ways; manually or with an app. Whatever your preference is!

A spreadsheet would be a great way to get started for free or you can use this stunning and colorful budget worksheet to save time from doing everything from scratch.

Prefer to use an app? The mint app is designed to make managing your money a breeze. And the great thing about this is that it’s free.

Also, remember that you need to put in the time to track your expenses whether it be manually or with an app.

Hack 3: Stop Spending When Cash Is Done

Why is it so easy for us to grab our credit card to make a purchase?

With this money-saving hack, you’ll go card-less and use cash most of the time.

Once the cash runs out, that’s it! No more purchases.

This is easier said than done! Here is a practical way to go about doing this:

  1. Create a budget
  2. Use the Cash Envelope System – this is where you decide how much you’re going spend in a specific budget category. For instance, if your grocery budget is $300, you’ll place the cash in an envelope labeled grocery. For monthly bills like the internet, you can use your debit card.
Question: Is your spending influence by greed?

I had a neighbor once that would always be competing with my mom. If my mom bought a car, she will literally buy one too even though she doesn’t need it. It’s that serious! This continued for a long time until we moved.

Now, greed is wanting more food, more wealth, and more of everything even though you don’t need it.

Do you find yourself competing with others? Or

Do you find that you cannot be satisfied?

You need to analyze the motive behind impulse spending. If your spending is driven by greed then my friend, be prepared for a ‘Financial Catastrophe‘.

Hack 4: Find Discounts & Eliminate Bad Spending Habits

If you shop online a lot, then you can sign up to Rakuten for free cashback on every purchase. You’ll have access to over 1,500 stores and a $10 gift card sign up bonus.

Is this you:

Do you find yourself going to the store for one thing but come out with 10 additional things instead? 


You see something online and in less than 2 minutes you take out your credit card ready to purchase? 

Then after that purchase, you regretted it and came to the conclusion that you didn’t really need that product.

That is definitely a bad spending habit due to lack of control.

Before you buy anything unnecessarily; ask yourself “Is it really worth it?” That question will save you thousands of dollars with ease.

And if you choose to go ahead with buying that item then look around for deals or discounts. Download the honey browser extension to help you locate discounts.

Hack 5: Sell Unused Items In Your Home 

Take a walk around your home especially in the garage or storage room.

Is there anything that is useful and valuable that you’re not using or do not need?

If yes, then you could sell it!

It could be a desk or a baby stroller, etc. The money that you receive from sales, you should invest it, pay off debt, or create an emergency fund.

Here are few places that you can sell online:

Hack 6: Reward Yourself When You Achieve Your Money Goals

I remember when I was in high school and each time I did well on an exam I would always reward myself.

Rewarding yourself when you save or spend less will definitely encourage you.

This option is great for anyone who isn’t motivated to take on this money-saving challenge.

Hack 7: Find Hobbies That Are Free

Not because you’re trying to save money means that you should deprive yourself of fun.

Everybody need a little fun in their life!

And you don’t need to spend a lot of money enjoying yourself either. Here are some frugal hobbies that you can do:

  • Hiking or Walking
  • Solving puzzles or crosswords
  • Reading
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Coding
  • Cooking
  • Swimming
  • Volunteering

There are other hobbies that are low cost or for free that you can try. You’ll never get bored!

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Hack 8: Create An Emergency Fund

Have you ever had an unexpected expense that put you in so much debt? Whether that be a car repair or job loss – without financial preparation, we can end up taking out loans or have to rely heavily on a credit card.

This is where an emergency fund comes in.

Emergency fund is money set a side for unexpected emergencies.

How much money should you set aside for an emergency fund? It’s recommended to save 3-6 months of your expenses.


In order to save money and live below your means, you need to make changes to how you manage your money.

And these frugal living hacks will help you do just that. From cashback apps to budgeting tools that make saving money a breeze.

If saving money isn’t your problem but rather making money to pay off your bills then you can start taking surveys such as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie

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