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There is more to starting a garden than just putting seeds in your soil. You actually have to maintain that garden in order to have a successful harvest.

And that’s just what flowers in your vegetable garden will help with!

Here are some things that are important to your plant health that flowers help with:

  • Attracting Beneficial Insects
  • Attracting Pollinators
  • Detering Pests
  • Preventing Disease
  • Trap Crop
  • Shelter Crop

How To Plant Flowers In Your Vegetable Garden?

Flowers in the vegetable garden help with pest control and at the same time beautify your garden.

If you love flowers then you won’t mind having them in your vegetable garden.

Some gardeners grow flowers and vegetables on opposite sides but for the best results, you can either plant them as a border or inter-plant the flowers in your vegetable garden bed for a specific purpose.

Companion Planting With Flowers Tips:

  • Always choose flowers that blossom around the same time as your vegetables.
  • Never plant flowers that compete for similar nutrients with your vegetables. Take for instance sunlight; for veggies that need a ton of sunlight plant them with low growing flowers and for those crops that need more shade you’ll plant with taller flowers.
  • Plant native plants to attract native beneficial.
  • Avoid plants that spread fast in your vegetable garden beds.

Flowers To Have In Your Vegetable Garden And Their Purpose

Calendula {Pot Marigold}

flowers to grow in your vegetable garden

Calendula is known for its bright yellow and orange color. This flower has many medical properties so its great to have at hand.

This ornamental plant is beneficial to your vegetable garden bed as it repels insect pests in your garden due to its strong scent and calendula roots can help benefit the soil.

It is said to repel aphids, cabbage worms and diamondback moths from cabbage and revive contaminated soils

You can either start growing your calendula from seed indoors to give them a head start or directly sow them in the garden.

So the preference is yours!

This flower flourish in full sun! For more information on how to grow calendula go here.

Borage or Starflowers

flowers to grow in your vegetable garden

I love this flower, it ‘s so beautiful! This is a star-shaped blue flower that is edible, which means you can use it in your salad.

Borage is known as one of the best bee and wasp attracting plants that make it of importance in your vegetable garden.

It’s usually planted near strawberries to help enhance the flavor, keep weeds in check which increases yield.

And when planted near tomatoes; borage helps to support the health of the plant and at the same time deters tomatoes hornworms and cabbage worms.

You can plant or grow borage from seed indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost or plant them outdoor in your garden when all danger of frost is passed.


flowers to grow in vegetable garden

Cosmos blooms in a variety of different colors from white, pink, red to even bright orange.

You can place them in your vases and also brighten up your vegetable garden bed.

This plant tends to attract beneficial insects such as lacewings, hoverflies, parasitic wasps, and pirate bugs.

Another thing to note is that this flower attracts aphids, therefore it acts as a lure trap crop (sacrificial crop).

Isn’t it awesome that borage has the capability to attract beneficial insects in your veggie garden while preventing pest issues?

Cosmos bloom and grow easily!

Ensure to plan this flower near your tomatoes as it attracts friendly pollinators such as bees which will stop by your tomatoes.

Marigolds {Mexican}

flowers for vegetable garden

This flower is well known when it comes to companion planting. Marigolds are known for repelling pests, and they go well with most garden plants.

Marigold repels beetles, tomato hornworms, whiteflies, nematodes and even rabbits.

Plant marigolds around the border of your vegetable garden for a pop of color and to deter pests below and above the ground.

The color varies from orange, red, yellow, to gold. This flower should not be mistaken for pot marigold (calendula).

In addition, marigolds produce a strong scent which helps repel cabbage worms. This flower works best when planted near cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

This flower also attracts beneficial for your veggie garden which makes a win-win.

Marigolds bloom from spring until fall!


flowers to grow in your vegetable garden

Nasturtium is perfect for beginners as it prefers semi-neglected soil (doesn’t need much fertilizer or moisture). So if your soil isn’t all that great, then this flower is perfect for you.

This flower will definitely enhance your vegetable garden bed.

Nasturtium is also known as a ‘trap plant’ for aphids. Aphids love nasturtiums that they’ll flock to them immediately.

Nasturtium is a great companion for many plants such as tomatoes, radishes and the cabbage family plants (such as cauliflower, cabbage, kale, collard, etc.)

This edible flower can also deter squash bugs, striped pumpkin beetles while improving the flavor and growth of the plant.


Flowers help your garden to thrive! They attract pollinators and beneficial insects that will stop by your garden to collect nectar. Without these pollinators, your garden wouldn’t be successful.

Most flowers act as a trap plant to prevent garden pest from interfering with the main garden.