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Essential Oils has been popular for its numerous therapeutic benefits. Are you new to essential oils? Are you curious about the benefits of essential oils?

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If that is a YES to any of the questions, then this article is great for you!

So today you’ll learn about what essential oils are and everything surrounded it. Essential oils are plant-based oil extract that has aromatic qualities and acts as a form of medicine. This topic can be controversial as with any diet but before you disapprove, try it.

How to Get Started as A Beginner?

Most beginners would start out quite simple by using the essential oil directly on their skin. But stop there, if that be the case then you should apply some drops of a carrier oil to that essential oil. In other words, dilute the essential oils.

Is this even important?

Yes, a carrier oil is important because it helps the essential oil to absorb better and spread more over the skin. In addition, it helps to prevent skin reactions such as irritation and sensitiveness etc.

Here is a simple chart showing examples of carrier oils and it’s purpose:


Another beginner friendly way is to buy a diffuser and add any of your essential oil based on the problems you’re facing such as anxiety, depression, sleepless nights etc.  A Diffuser is used with a bit of water and a couple drops of essential oils that will disperse in the air for health and wellness benefits.

Other ways you can use essential oils are in:

  • Creams and Lotions
  • In Bath
  • Massage Oils
  • Room Spray
  • Candles

The options are endless…

If you want to go any deeper than this then you’ll want to learn how to make blends or combine essential oils which will be covered later in this article.



Essential Oils Every Beginner Needs

If you do not have your essential oil set then you can get yours here.

There are tons of different essential oils but you don’t need all to get the job done. Here are some essential oils and their benefits:


Tea Tree – This has been used for centuries and it’s antibiotic, antifungal, antiviral and antiseptic.

Benefits: Treats acne, hair care (Growth and Dandruff), treat cuts and infection, used to clean, treat fungal infections (toenail fungus and ringworm), treat eczema, natural deodorant and removes mold etc. 

Eucalyptus – This has been traditionally used for antiseptic and fungicidal.

Benefits: Used as a repellant for insects and relieve skin bites and stings, helps dispel cold and flu, natural home cleaner, and help to treat cuts or abrasions.

Rosemary – This has been traditionally used for analgesic properties.

Benefits: Boost memory loss, for hair growth, enhanced concentration, pain relief, and used as a compress for arthritis or overworked muscle.

Frankincense – This has been traditionally used to help in relieving stress-related conditions. In addition, it has cytophylactic properties.

Benefits: Helps relieves stress, a natural cleaner, pain and inflammation reliever, helps with skin problems  (acne, stretch marks), natural cold and flu medicine.

Peppermint – This has been known for relieving headaches and migraine with a cold compress. This is a common recipe used in pain relieve lotion and toothpaste.

Benefits: Uplifts spirit and enhance concentration, muscle pain relief, freshens bad breathe, helps with a stomach ache.

Rose oil – The benefits of using this essential oil includes ease menstrual pain, it acts as an antianxiety agent and it’s great for the skin.

Oregano Oil – To treat bronchitis and tickly cough, asthma, muscular pain, and indigestion.

Lemon  – Used to cure infections, wounds, bronchitis and influenza, insect bites, snake bites, high blood pressure, a tonic for the liver and pancreas, rheumatism and arthritis, and gallstones, bad breath, and a cleaning agent etc.

Lemongrass– Used to cure fever, headaches, used as a deodorant, it’s anti-infectious, antiseptic, use as an insect repellent.

Cardamom – This oil is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, used for abdominal problems, digestive problems such as heartburn, bad breath, cavities and help in energizing you.

Germanium – This oil smells wonderful. It is great for dry skin, lift your mood and fatigue, a hormonal balancer, and release nervous tensions.

Thyme Linalol – It’s antibacterial and antifungal. This oil is used to lower blood pressure, stimulates circulation, helps indigestion, for coughs and cold, use for people who are fatigued.

Chamomile – This is a very gentle oil which is soothing and relaxing. It helps with digestion problems, for itchy skin, and stomach problems.

How to Blend Essential Oil Effectively for Beginners?

You can make your own mixture of essential oils to create a treatment for any kind of problems you’re facing.  Essential Oils are separated into different categories such as:

  1. Floral
  2. Woodsy
  3. Herbaceous 
  4. Minty
  5. Medicinal
  6. Citrus
  7. Oriental

To find which specific essential oils fall under which category then you can check out this site here.

5 Simple Concepts to Remember When Blending Your Essential Oils:

  1. Essential Oils blends well when in the same category.
  2. Minty oils blend well with citrus, woodsy, herbaceous, and earthy oil.
  3. Woodsy oils generally blend well with all categories.
  4. Floral oils blend well with spicy, citrus and all woodsy oils
  5. Spicy and oriental oils blend well with florals, oriental and citrus oils.

With those simple concept, you can experiment safely when making your own blends.

How To Get Rid of Different Ailments with Essential Oils?

essential oil for ailments