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Thanksgiving is almost here guys [Screaming]!

In this post, I’ll share some amazing DIY and handmade Thanksgiving decorations that will make this season memorable.


Faux Pumpkin Trimmed with Living Succulents

Via : SucculentArtworks

Are you a lover of succulents?

Make a bold statement with this stunning centerpiece that contains live succulents. And guess what, you can remove the succulents and plant it in your garden.

This faux pumpkin with live succulents will steal the show at any event. 

You can get yours on Etsy!

Luke Adams Squat Pumpkin

Via: LukeAdamsGlassStudio

The perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving, parties, and fall wedding decorations. This pumpkin is handcrafted and comes in over 15 unique colors.

If you’re looking for a centerpiece that will grab the attention of your visitors that they have no choice but to stop and gaze at it for a long time, this is it.

This centerpiece is simply unique, handcrafted, and breathtaking

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DIY Thanksgiving Gold Tablescape

Via: See Vanessa Craft {Click here for Tutorial}

Not only is it Thanksgiving season but also pumpkin season. Pumpkin has become very useful in decorating homes. It has become the centerpiece of our dining table and doesn’t take much effort either.

If you love this gold design then head over here.

Fall Mason Jars

Do you love mason jar decor and craft ideas? This mason jar fall decor will brighten up any Thanksgiving table.

This makes the perfect fall decor centerpiece and you can choose to buy only the painted mason jars or with flowers!!

You can add this rustic fall decor to any room in your home. 

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Thanksgiving Hurricane Vases

Via: Amanda Jane Brown {Click here for tutorial}

Do you have a vase and corn kernels in your midst? If you do then this idea is within your reach.

Check out this Thanksgiving vase from Amanda Jane Brown that is inexpensive and easy to make. This DIY Thanksgiving decor idea can be used as a centerpiece.

Craft Pumpkin Candle Holders

Via: By Stephanie Lynn {Click here for tutorial}

Turn your pumpkin into a stunning candleholder created by Stephanie Lynn.  This idea can be used as a centerpiece or used as a fall decoration around your home.

Centerpiece with Lumina and Baby Boo White Pumpkins

Via: Tone on Tone {Click here for the tutorial}

You can take something so simple and make it into a magnificent centerpiece.

Ombre Wine Bottles

Via: Brit {Click here for tutorial}

Do you have an empty wine bottle to spare? To create these Ombre bottles decor you will only need a few items.

I love bright colors so this will give a vibrant lift to any room. This Ombre Bottle Thanksgiving decor was created by Brit.

I can’t believe how cheap this DIY project is and at the same time surprised at how insanely beautiful it turns out.

Cinnamon Sticks around Candles

Via: Just imagine

Not only will your house carry the feeling of Thanksgiving but also a cinnamon scent.

Check out these cinnamon sticks around candles from Just Imagine. Just take a moment to imagine that cinnamon aroma saturating your home.

Thanksgiving Mason Jar

Via: The Country Chic Cottage {Click here for the tutorial}

Mason jars are one of those things that we can grab for when doing any form of craft. This Thanksgiving and fall season, that mason jar hasn’t let us down one bit.

The Country Chic Cottage has put a unique twist to this mason jar which makes it quite outstanding.


Thanksgiving Felt Leaf Wreath

Via: Curiousbloom

Prefer something more simple but stunning at the same time. This wreath is made with colorful wool-blend felt leaf and is lightweight. 

Get your own handcrafted wreath on Etsy!

Fall Wreath for Front Door

Another simple but gorgeous thanksgiving and fall wreath. What makes this custom made wreath so special is the materials and colors that are used which represent this thanksgiving season so well. 

This wreath will save you money for seasons to come as it was created to be durable.

Get This Fall Wreath On Etsy!

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

Ready to impress your guest this Thanksgiving? Then let’s start from the front door.

And what better way to do it than with this large stuffed turkey wreath made with festive colors and orange and gold mesh.

This wreath will definitely grab the attention of those driving by, pedestrians to even family and friends.

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Thanksgiving Berry Wreath

This is the perfect door fall decorations idea. If you want something more lavish and unique than your traditional round wreath then this fall wreath berry is for you.

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Give Thanks Banner

Via: ParamoreArtWorks

Make a statement this season, using this thanksgiving sign. Adding a cute banner to your decorations is a great way to draw attention to that given area.

Hang this banner anywhere in your home to remind you of what this season is about.

You can get yours on Etsy!

Wooden Thankful Sign with Orange Ivy Leaves

Looking for a minimalistic thanksgiving decor idea? Then this is it. 

This rustic thankful sign can be hang anywhere to remind everyone the meaning of the season. And that’s being thankful.

Get Yours On Etsy!

DIY Give Thanks Sign

Via: Hawthorne and Main {Click here for the tutorial} 

If you’re more on the simple side then this Give Thanks Sign by Hawthorne and Main will be a perfect fit.

DIY Rustic Thanksgiving Sign

Via: Clean and Scentisible {Click here for the tutorial} 

Another beautiful Thanksgiving sign that is simple and easy to create. This idea is from Clean and Scentsible:


Pumpkin Garland

Why not give your staircase and mantel some love? With this pumpkin garland, you can add a festive touch to your home. Even without much decorations, this pumpkin garland is more than enough.

Get Yours On Etsy!

Give Thanks Mantel

Via: A Diamond In The Stuff {Click here for tutorial}

Another dollar store Thanksgiving idea. This gives thanks mantel was created by A Diamond In the Stuff. This decoration idea is simple and cheap yet beautiful.


Thanksgiving Cups

Are you planning on hosting an event or inviting your family and friends over for dinner? These cups will definitely put a smile on every visitor’s face.

You can choose which design you want which includes Thank Full, Get Your Fat Pants Ready, Let’s Get Basted, Gobble Till You Wobble, Leftovers are for Quitters.

These cups are perfect for the thanksgiving table!

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Happy Thanksgiving Napkins

Via: YippeeDaisy

This is a great way to decorate your Thanksgiving table. These napkins are reusable and make any table look festive and magical making every visitor feel special.

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Thanksgiving Place Cards

Via: Typically Simple {Click here for the tutorial}

Do you want to surprise your guest at Thanksgiving Dinner? Then this Thanksgiving decor craft by Typically Simple will be perfect as part of your table decor. You’ll personalize each table card for your visitors.

DIY Thanksgiving Printed Burlap

Via: I Spy DIY {Click here for tutorial}

How cool is this DIY home printed burlap? All you need is just five supplies to create this stunning table runner by I spy DIY.


Pumpkins Family Block Set

Get your own personalized family block set to make decorating your home this season memorable.

This pumpkin family block set will make the perfect family handmade gift for anyone. So if you are having trouble selecting a gift for your mother or grandma then this may be the one.

And the amazing thing about these family pumpkin blocks is that it can be used each year, saving you money on decoration every fall and thanksgiving season.

Get Yours From Etsy!

DIY Thankful Tree

Via: Createful Life {Click here for tutorial}

There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. So why not create a DIY thanksgiving thankful tree. Everyone in your family can participate. Check out this thankful tree by Createful Life.


Reclaimed Pumpkin Woods

Via: Finding Home Farm {Click here for tutorial}

No pumpkin for Thanksgiving then no need to worry. You can make your own with salvaged woods.

Isn’t it quite unique?

Finding Home Farms shows you how to create these wood pumpkins.