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It’s back to school time, Yaay! This is one of the most hectic time of the year.

Just the preparation in getting your child ready for school on a timely schedule makes it hectic. One reason why you may feel overwhelmed during this time is that you are not organized.

Trying to get your kids organized for this school year can be a difficult task. Especially when your kids start to bring home a lot of papers with assignments and school activities. And If you’re not organized you’ll hear stuff like:

“Mama I can’t find my pencil or crayons.”

Or you may find yourself going through tons of paper for your child to find a particular assignment.  

Cut through the chase, I’ve heard the cries of you mothers and in this post, I’ll suggest the best way to remove all the clutter and how to organize for back to school. It will keep you throughout the school year.

This is one of the best things you could ever do for your child and yourself.

diy school organization ideas


School Supply Organiser

One of the many activities kids look forward to is shopping for school items such as rubbers, markers, pencil, and other supplies. Usually, we’ll put these items in a case or a drawer but it doesn’t really solve much of our organization problems.

This option makes your desk or homework station lightweight and makes organization fun. A Pumpkin And Princess came up with this fantastic idea of getting a small caddy with divided sections to place all the crayons, makers etc. The advantage of this school organization idea over a drawer is that your kid can bring it with him/her anywhere around the house to do their homework. It can also be very convenient so whenever your child is finished with the items they don’t leave it all over the house.

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Free Printable – A Chore Chart For Kids

This free chart printable aids in keeping kids organized for school. This will help you to get things done quicker with little or no stress. The great thing about this is that it’s created so that your kid can participate and help them to be responsible. All you need to do is go to this website and download the free printable, print and frame it.


Back to School Organization
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DIY School Supply Station

This back to school organization idea is also unique and I loved this idea by Sprinkle Some Fun. All you need to create this fantastic school supply station is a wooden tray, tissue box, cheese cracker box, brownie mix box, scrapbook paper, mason jars, and tape. This is easy and your kids can join in making it. It will be fun I promise!

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DIY Backpack Station

You know how kids are when they come home from school, they throw their backpack on the floor, leave it in the living room or wherever they feel to leave it. But instead of yelling across the room to tell your kid to take their backpack to their bedroom. Wouldn’t it be better to have a designated area to place their bags when they come home? Great way mama to teach your kids responsibility. These DIY Backpack Ideas are awesome.

Back to school organization ideas
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DIY School Supply Storage

Another fantastic idea for those who may have a small room or storage space for their kids. To create storage for your kid’s school supplies you can use a crystal clear shoe holder. If you don’t have one you can get yours on Amazon. I love this idea because you have a lot of space to store many items. All you got to do is hang it on your child bedroom door.

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DIY Shoe Organizer

No more troubles in finding shoes in the morning! How frustrated are you when you’re running late for work and your child is telling you they can only find one pair of shoe?

In order to avoid this, you can create a shoe organizer where your kids keep their school shoes which makes it easily seen and accessible. Believe me, your days of searching is over!

Back to school storage
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DIY Homework Station TurnTable

In order to make your kids productive while doing homework is to ensure their workstation is organized. A homework station turntable enables you to have everything in one place, which makes doing homework less stressing (for kids!).


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Basket For Library Books

You need to have a place to keep your kid’s library books separate from their other reading books. Yes, you could add it to the bookshelf with other books but you may have to search to find it. In order for these library books to be used by your child, it has to be in their sight else they’ll forget all about it.


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DIY School Clothes Organization

This is another problem especially when its back to school time. Kids on a hold are selective when it comes to clothes. So it can take a lot of time to find the perfect clothing for the child on school days. Instead of searching for clothes on a school morning, do it on Sundays. They can go through their closet and select which clothes they want to wear on which days. They can spend as long as they want deciding!

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DIY Recycled Desk Organizer

If you have a small desk space for your child to work on then this can be an awesome idea. You can place whatever you want on this desk organizer and design it the way you desire.

School organization ideas
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That’s it for today and I hope this post was helpful. If you like this post on DIY school organization ideas then share it with a friend.