Want to learn the best ways to save money and enjoy a debt-free life?

If that’s a YES, then perfect! You’ve come to the right place. Fight 4 Prosperity is where you learn how to garden on a budget and live rich within your means.

Living within your means can be super hard, especially if you can’t buy the things you need. So how can I help with that?

If you have ever wondered:

How can I save more money?

Where to find amazing deals to save money?

When will I ever get out of debt?

How do I budget my money?

How to start a garden to cut back food cost?

Whether you are a college graduate drowning in debt or a mom with kids, you’ll find something here to learn.

How Fight 4 Prosperity Help You Live Rich Within Your Means

For many people, living within their means and saving is non-existent or rather impossible. Not that they want to, but just lack of guidance.

Knowing that I am in debt and living paycheck to paycheck does nothing for me unless there’s a plan in place to deal with that.

And that’s where this blog comes in to teach you the exact tips to get where you want financially. An example would be to start a garden to save on food.

Hi there! I’m Nikki.

I am passionate about saving money (frugalist here) and gardening. My grandparents on both sides of my family were farmers.

Where it all begins?

I studied business and accounting for 3 years where I receive a certificate of merit upon completion. I started this blog in a completely different niche and then found out I didn’t want to blog about that topic anymore.

So I followed my heart to help my readers with money management and gardening.

So thank you for being here!