In this post, you’ll learn the tips and tricks to make your sugar detox successful. This sugar detox will last for 21 days and you will see a lot of benefits after. I have written the first series of to Sugar Detoxing for 21 Day and I speak about the main reason you should do a sugar detox and the benefits of doing it. Go here for this post. 

So here are the best tips to get you going on this sugar detox:


Rule 1: Buy whole foods or unprocessed food

In order to be successful on this sugar detox, you’ll need to replace the unhealthy food with healthy options. Imagine on this sugar detox and you get hungry then look in the pantry and all you see is foods with excess sugar. You’ll be tempted to eat those type of food. So if you can’t be successful at this one you are 100% on a journey of failure.

Tip: When buying grocery buy unprocessed or natural foods. Instead of sugar buy stevia. Don’t buy fruit juices but instead buy the natural fruit and make your own juices.


Rule 2: Don’t Eat Out

If you’re a person who always stops by McDonald’s to get a burger and milkshake or Pizza Hut because you have no time to cook when you go home then this has to stop. If you want to learn how to meal prep and save money then check this post out.

Tip: It’s best to cook your own food because you know the exact ingredients used.


Mega Rule 3: Drink Lemon Ginger Water

This is beneficial in aiding in detox and cleansing of your body. Lemon and ginger have numerous benefits for your body in that it gets rids of toxins and boost your immune system and a lot more awesome benefits.

Tip: Drink Lemon Ginger Hot Water every morning after you wake up before breakfast. No sugar or sweeteners. Just drink it has it is.


Rule 4: Read Labels

You can’t just think a food is sugar-free. For instance, Granola Bars have a lot of sugar in it and that’s a no-no!

Tip: Always read the label. Not because a food looks healthy or sugar-free means it is.


Rule 5: Know These Terms

These fancy terms fructose, corn syrup, maple syrup, molasses, and other terms are referring to sugar. So if you see them on food labels it means that you might need to avoid it.


Rule 6: Food Replacement (What can I eat?)

Take advantage of salads, whole wheat pasta/rice etc, oatmeal and fresh fruits. If you’re in need of recipes then go on Pinterest and type in Sugar-Free Recipes then make your meal plan.

Here is a list of Foods you can eat and foods not to eat on a sugar detox by Further Foods:

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Side Effects of Sugar Detoxing

There are just a few side effects when sugar detoxing since your body will be transitioning from what it’s used to. These side effects will only last for a few days. These sugar detox side effects include:

  • Mood swings and Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Intense Cravings
  • Chills
  • Muscle aches

You might experience at least one of these side effects or a few of them. Everyone is different and may have different experiences!

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