We have heard a lot about baking soda for cleaning but not really hydrogen peroxide. I believe that hydrogen peroxide for cleaning has been underrated and think more people need to know about it.

I’m not going to lie but I found out about the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide not too long ago. It’s a chlorine bleach alternative, stain remover of all kind, a whitener and have the capability of disinfecting different types of surfaces.

You should only use the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning.

Warning: Never mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar, ammonia products, and other household chemicals because it can create harmful vapor.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cleaning

1. Glass Cleaner

This is a great non-toxic way to clean your glasses. Many traditional window cleaner that you find in the store is ammonia based and sometimes it doesn’t clean to our satisfaction.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural cleaner that will do more for you in less time leaving your window clean and streak free. All you have to do is grab an empty spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide ( 3%) and some paper hand towels or a microfiber cloth.  This method is cheap and chemical-free!

2. Remove Carpet Stains

There’s no carpet stain that is beyond repair. Why? Because hydrogen peroxide can help you remove those stubborn stains. Mix about 1\2 cup of hydrogen peroxide and add your favorite essential oil to it. Get a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto the carpet.

For stubborn stains, you can add baking soda to the mixture. Vinegar can also be used to clean carpet stains on its own BUT never, I mean never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together.

3. Natural Bleach Alternative

Hydrogen peroxide can be an alternative bleach option which is natural and non-toxic.  You don’t have to worry about chemicals in your cleaning agents again.

Hydrogen peroxide will get the job done. All you’ll need is about ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of water and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. You can also add your favourite essential oil to this mixture.

4. Disinfect and Clean Toothbrushes

It’s very important to disinfect your toothbrush because germs can get easily get inside of it. Especially kids’ toothbrushes because they tossed it all over the house.

To disinfect your toothbrushes with hydrogen peroxide, get a bowl and pour enough hydrogen peroxide in it and place your toothbrush bristles in this mixture for about 5-7 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water.

5. Clean Baking Pans

Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing stains off your baking pans. All you have to do is make a paste with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and rub it onto the pan. Let it sit for some time then come back and scrub it with warm water.

6. Disinfects Your Cutting Boards

To kill any germs that can be easily transferred to your cutting board because of preparing meat on it, use hydrogen peroxide.

Get a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide in it and spray it on your cutting board.  Leave it for about 5 minutes (you may notice some bubbles forming). Don’t worry. Rinse with warm water and you’re good to go.

7. Get Rid Of Yellow Stains & Arm Pit Stains

To get rid of those stubborn embarrassing armpit stain on your white shirts use hydrogen peroxide.  

To create your own DIY armpit stain remover get a bowl and add ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup of water. Put this mixture directly on the stain and let it sit for a couple hours then lightly scrub the area and wash normally. This mixture can also be use to remove blood stains.

8. Clean Makeup Brushes

Did you know that dirt build-up in your makeup brushes can cause breakouts on your skin?  Therefore, it’s important to clean your makeup brushes often.

Get a cup and fill it with hydrogen peroxide and put your brushes in it and let it soak for 10 minutes. Swiss your brushes in the mixture every now and then. Rinse your brushes thoroughly afterwards.

9. Clean Your Toilet

Hydrogen peroxide is a green alternative for cleaning your toilet bowls. To remove those stubborn stains from your toilet, toss a half cup of hydrogen peroxide in your toilet bowl. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then scrub and flush! There you go, all clean and stain free!

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10. Remove Stains and Odors From Your Mattress

To clean your mattress from things like sweat, pee, dust, mites, vomits, odors and other various bodily fluids use hydrogen peroxide.

Mixed together 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide, 3 tablespoons of baking soda and add few drops of dishwashing soap. Place this mixture in a spray bottle and apply it to the stained area of your mattress.

Leave this mixture until its soaked through. Brush or rub the area with a cloth if you can. Then let it air dry.  If your weather permits you, bring it outside and let it sun dry. Afterward, vacuum your mattress to get rid of all dust etc.

11. Disinfect Countertops

Get a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spray your countertops. This will kill germs and remove food stains from your countertops. This is great way for removing sticky food spots after eating. By spraying hydrogen peroxide on your countertops, it makes it easier to clean or wipe.

12. Disinfect Kitchen Sponges

Hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative for getting rid of germs in your kitchen sponges. You don’t have to buy a new kitchen sponge every minute!

Get an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and warm water in a dish. Then leave your kitchen sponges in it for 15 minutes. Ensure to rinse the sponges thoroughly.

13. Mop Floor

Imagine cleaning your floor without any chemical!  Hydrogen peroxide is safe for any type of floor. Get a bucket and combine 1 gallon of water  and ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide.

14. Brighten Your Clothes

This is a great laundry hack that you must try. Hydrogen peroxide is a great way to whiten and brighten clothes. To brighten whites, add 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to your laundry.

15. Remove Mold On Surfaces

Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing mold on your surfaces. Get a spray bottle and pour undiluted hydrogen peroxide into it and spray directly on the area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then scrub the area to remove all mold and stains. Afterward, wipe down the surface to remove all residue.

16. A Grout Cleaner

Whiten your bathtub grout with hydrogen peroxide.  Get a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide in it and spray it directly on the area.

Let it set for about 15 minutes. Then use a old toothbrush and scrub the grout. Repeat if needed.

17. Homemade Humidifier Cleaner

It’s important to clean your humidifier often to prevent mineral buildup. To clean your humidifier, you’ll need to pour some hydrogen peroxide into the base of the humidifier.

Then let it sit for about 20 minutes. Scrub with a toothbrush all the residues. Afterward, rinse with clean water. When it’s clean, let it air-dry. If there is any more mineral buildup left in the humidifier then repeat the process.

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