9 Plants to Keep the Mosquitos Away

mosquito repelling plants

Listen, mosquitos can make any outdoor activity a miserable one. These bloodsucking insects are one of the most annoying pests Once these pests have located you, they will stop at nothing to feed off your blood, leaving you with itchy bumps. You have no choice but to run indoors and hide or get yourself a […]

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6 Common Reasons Why Your Tomato Plant Leaves are Turning Yellow

treatment for yellow tomato leaves

Growing tomatoes is the go-to vegetable when starting a container garden. Though it’s beginner-friendly, growing tomatoes do come with its challenges.  It is no wonder why many gardeners panic when they see yellow leaves on their tomato plants. Is the plant dying? Am I doing something wrong? All these questions and no answers!  Tomatoes are […]

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The Best Flowers for Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

flowers for attracting hummingbirds to your garden

There is something more magical than enjoying the beauty of your colorful flowers in your backyard! That is the frequent visit of hummingbirds to your garden. These tiny, colorful birds are known for their aerial agility and their insatiable thirst for nectar. With the right flowers, you can encourage these fascinating creatures to have a […]

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11 Drought-Tolerant Plants That Can Survive in Any Climate

drought tolerant plants

Are you busy but still want to create your own little garden oasis? Well, it’s everyone’s wish to have a low-maintenance garden that looks visually appealing. This is where drought-tolerant plants come into play that can survive the hottest summer with little to no water. Pretty cool, right? We all know that water scarcity is […]

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Why Succulents Grow Tall Instead Of Wide & How To Fix It

succulents growing tall instead of wide

Are you wondering why your succulent plant appears so leggy and stretched out? And why the leaves are turning pale? Everything about your succulent plant looks wrong.  The simple reason why your succulent is growing tall instead of wide is that it’s suffering from etiolation. Etiolation happens when your succulent is not getting enough light. […]

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How To Repot Succulent Plant Without Killing It

How to repot succulents

Are you doing all the right things for your succulent plant, but it refuses to grow? If that’s the case for you, then there is a possibility that repotting your succulent is the way to go. Succulent plants are a beautiful addition to homes and are easy to care for. But if you want to […]

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How to care for succulents + tips to grow them anywhere

How to care for succulents

Learning how to care for succulents is important, especially if you’re growing them for the first time. Succulents are plants with leaves that store water as fleshy tissue or stems. They make lovely indoor plants and are low maintenance since they are drought tolerant. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean neglect. In this post, I discussed […]

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