If you love gardening or know someone that then you will know that its much than a hobby. It’s a lifestyle!

And what perfect gift to give a gardener than one that actually benefit them on a daily basis.

I have compiled a list of the best handmade gardening gift ideas that can also be personalized – making the gift more thoughtful.

These gardening gifts will be readily appreciated because each time it’s used in the garden, the recipient will always remember.

12 Handmade Gardening Gifts

Custom Garden Marker Stake

Put a smile on someone’s face with this garden stake that is made from naturally rusted steel.

You can customize this sign however you like for example, Mom’s Garden. Select the sizes you want ranging from small to extra large.

This is definitely a fun gift idea that is long lasting.

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Wine Chimes Made From Glass

Via: BottlesUncorked

This is a very cute and colorful gift that would be very useful in decorating the garden and patio.

Any wine lover would appreciate this garden decor idea!

This wind chime will be music to the giftee ears as it moves to the rhythm of the wind.

You get to choose the perfect color to make the gift more personal.

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Personalized Garden Trowel

Via: HazelGroveCustoms

This personalized garden trowel is made from bamboo and is suitable for any gardener.

This is one gardening tool that won’t sitting in the box but will be used everyday making this gift more memorable.

And if that’s not enough imagine how the giftee will feel when they see name engrafted in their trowel.

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Deluxe Herb Garden Kit

This herb gardening kit is the perfect gift for someone who loved gardening or thinking about starting a herb garden.

With this garden kit, you actually everything you need to begin a herb garden immediately.

It includes 12 seed packets, 12 peat pots, 12 wooden garden markers, and 12 peat pellets along with complete growing instructions.

The herbs that can be found in this kit to plant are:

  • Sweet Basil
  • Sage
  • Dill
  • Chives
  • Cilantro
  • Flat-leaf Parsley
  • Curled parsley
  • Basil blend
  • Hyssop
  • Fennel
  • Lemon Balm
  • Garlic Chives.

Can smell that aroma?

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Vegetable Herb Plant Garden Markers

Via: WoodNSparksCo

These ecofriendly wooden garden markers are the key to an organized garden.

This is a thoughtful gift for someone who has a vegetable garden. This herb garden marker set is both beneficial for beginners to professional gardeners.

With these plant garden markers, the giftee will easily identify every plant and gives an aesthetic view.

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Life Is Better In The Garden Shirt

Via: BCiCreative

Are you looking for the perfect gardening gift while staying within your budget?

This shirt is so cute and perfect for every gardener – both male and female. It comes in different vibrant that you can choose from.

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Horseshoe Frog

Via: PineCorralMetalArt

For a lively garden atmosphere, this horseshoe frog is definitelt the perfect garden decor.

With the vibrant colors, this garden decor will definitely draw everyone’s attention and put a smile on the giftee’s face whenever they see it.

This garden decor piece is durable and is polished for rust resistance. Definitely, the perfect gift for gardeners.

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Garden Apron

This is a cute handmade garden apron that can be customized which means you can choose what text to put on it.

In addition, it comes with pockets to hold gardening tools, seed packets to even a cell phone.

It’s also a one size fits all meaning that strap are adjustable. No need to worry if it will fit!

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Plant Lady Hat

Via: ModParty

This will make the perfect gift for any plant lady especially during blazing hot days.

Its a khaki-colored straw hat has a cute black bow band!

And guess what, it is also one size fits most.

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Hummingbird Garden Kit

Via: MountainlilyFarm

With this gardening gift, the giftee will receive 6 individual seed packets, growing instructions, 6 peat pots, 6 peat pellets, and wooden plant tags to keep track of your seedlings.

Who doesn’t love hummingbirds during summertime? These hummingbird plants are easy to plant and some of the flowers attract butterflies also.

Here is a list of the plants included in this kit: Mexican sunflowers, mixed clone, lemon bergamot, mixed cosmos, wheat celosia, and zinnias.

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Gardeners Gift Set

Via: ElegantRoseBoutique

This beautifully wrapped gift set is useful for gardeners. With this gift set you get:

Each gift includes the following:

  • Summer Garden soap
  • Splash in the Sun Soap
  • Campers Shampoo & body bar – great for insect repellent
  • Gardeners soap – with a little scrub for the hard to clean hands after a day of gardening
  • Gardeners salve – perfect for the dry scraped, scratched hands after gardening
  • Gardening gloves
  • Herbal Balm – great for mosquito bites, insect bites, etc.

In this set, you have everything to help keep the giftee safe during gardening!

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Gardening Gloves

Via: FlyByKnightDesigns

A garden glove is one of the most useful tool when gardening.

This glove can be personalized, comes in three different colors, and is one-size-fits-most.

You can basically have the giftee name printed on these gardening gloves to make it more thoughtful.

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