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8 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money This Christmas

make money this christmas

Christmas is one of the most festive holidays, but it can be very stressful at the same time. During this time, people spend recklessly; increasing debts. Things can cost way more during Christmas, from an increase in utility bills to buying gifts. Right? To have a debt-free Christmas and save money, there’s a possibility that […]

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How To Smash Your Food Budget In Half

frugal food budget

Have you ever wished you could get all your groceries for less? Imagine having a $400 food budget that is still not enough to cover all your food expenses. Reducing your grocery expenses can be challenging especially when you have kids or a big family. A food budget includes dining out and groceries. And in […]

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9 Ridiculous Ways You Waste Money Blindly

ways how to save money

Money has to be worked for! And you worked very hard for it so that you can meet the demands of your life. Many times, we are not satisfied with the amount of money we have (which is totally fine) because we want more to go on vacation or purchase a new car. Or whatever […]

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21 Old Fashion Frugal Living Tips From Grandma

frugal living from the great depression

I don’t know of anyone who is more frugal than my grandparents. Not only are they great savers but they at times hoard things. You’ll go by their homes and find stuff they have for over 10 years. And many times it looks pretty new as if it’s not used much. Only if we could […]

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5 Simple Things You Should Do To Stop Being Broke

how to stop being broke

One of the most common statements that I have heard from people of different ages is, “I am dead broke.” Is this a statement you say often? As much as that could be true, why are you broke and what could you do differently to change that? Is it bad spending habits or your expenses […]

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8 Habits of Debt-Free People That You Wish You Knew Sooner

habits of debt free people

Do you really have people who are actually debt-free? You may be wondering how to make your money work for you and live comfortably without debt. Yes, it’s possible! It’s possible to become debt-free and stay that way as long as you desire. They aren’t many individuals promoting this debt-free lifestyle other than Dave Ramsey. […]

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